Celebrities have a mesmerizing charm that attracts thousands of fans and followers all across the globe. Fans want to know each and every fact in the life of their icons. This is the reason why the pages covering celebrity news,Guest Posting television programs on spicy celebrity gossips and websites loaded with hot and sizzling celebrity photos are sought after most.

How can we talk about celebrities The latest trending topics and not mention Kate Moss in the talk? Katherine Ann Moss, more popular with a diminutive Kate Moss, is basically a famous English model. Over 300 magazine covers have been prettified so far with her poses. Always in the limelight for one reason or the other, Kate Moss has hit the headlines for her uncommonly waifish figure and exceptionally short height for a model to carry. Being a model, elegance, style and beauty are something inherent in Kate. She is notorious for her wanton relationships and profligate behavior. All in all Kate Moss is an interesting celebrity to know about.

Born on January 16, 1974 in Addiscombe, Croydon in London, Moss was taught at Ridgeway Primary School as well as in Riddlesdown High School in Purley. Though not known for any academic achievements as such, Kate shone in sports.

Sarah Doukas, who is the founder of Storm Model Management, discovered this beauty at JFK Airport when she was just 14. A black and white photo session with Corrine Day for the famous British magazine The Face was the beginning. The photo shoot was titled “The Third Summer of Love”. This was a prelude to a successful career as a supermodel. Moss has always secured her place in the lists of the world’s sexiest women. Hers are one of the most hunted celebrity photos and no doubt she deserves a place in the list of most influential English celebrities. In the year 2009 she has stood 1348th in the list of the richest persons in the UK owning £40 millions in all. She has been ranked second in the list of World’s 15 highly paid models in July2007.

Her entry into the fashion world in the 90s brought along a wave of severe criticism which includes strictures passed by the then President of the United States Mr. Bill Clinton about Kate’s waif figure and frail features. Moss herself, however, didn’t heed this criticism and termed her appearance on the ramp as a change from the buxom babes to a waif gal. Very soon Kate’s name was added to the list of world’s most sought after celebrities.

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