It is important to establish right from the outset what we want to achieve and why we are investing in garden games.

Why garden games? They provide the opportunity to entertain and encourage development of coordination, balance and mental agility, while doing healthy outdoor exercise. Games like giant snakes and ladders give ample opportunity for toddlers to practice their adding up and counting, while Giant Connect 4 help developing thinking “outside the box” for all ages. Tower games help learning the laws of gravity and balance, whereas croquet and racquet games provide ample exercise for all ages, while simultaneously improving hand-eye coordination. Need mental stimulation? Try giant chess or draughts!
Key points to consider when buying games for the garden are varied and include factors like ages of the participants, cost of the games, size of garden space available and what you are expecting out of it in the long term.

Age of Participants: – for entertaining toddlers and small children, traditional garden games like egg and spoon racing, bean bag racing, bean bag throwing, sack racing and kick-croquet – “croqkick” – have high entertainment value. On the other hand, if it involves teenagers or adults, one will have to consider games of higher physical demand and tougher muscular and mental skill levels to keep the entertainment level up for a considerable period of time. Croquet, badminton, giant chess or draughts and giant dominos will keep this age group occupied for longer periods of time. Several activities will entertain kids and adults simultaneously; consider games like quoits, giant pickup sticks, giant tower games, giant snakes and ladders, giant chess and dominos and even egg and spoon racing or three-legged racing which will all create a lot of fun and enjoyment, each in their own way.

Garden size: – this will bring variations from a few www square meters, to – for the more fortunate amongst us – almost unlimited space available for entertainment and the use of garden games. Giant tower games will only require a few square meters where as on the other hand, garden games like cricket, croquet and tennis will require much larger surfaces of lawn to be utilised to their full capacity. Garden chess can vary from standard sizes, played on a non-attached mat, up to giant chess games played on a mat that can be put in place permanently to provide ornamental decoration in the larger garden. A well manicured garden with croquet hoops in place, invites all ages to have a go. Most garden games are packed in appropriate bags or boxes, making it easy to transport them to friends or family, or even to while away the time in a nearby park, as well as easy storage.

Cost: – depending on the size and quality, these games come in all price ranges to suit all incomes. A bag containing traditional garden games like bean bags, ties for three-legged racing, egg and spoon and sack racing and even a whistle will create your own sports day without breaking the bank. In addition, garden games like croquet, cricket, giant tower games and giant connect 4 games com

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